Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Inner Narkiness

The novelty is starting to wear off.

As much as I enjoy this miracle pregnancy (with the second trimester been a dream come true), I now really want to give birth, like right now or even YESTERDAY. I have been dreaming and dreaming about my little Poopee, wondering how she looks like. Even Apeman had a dream about her. So she must be near.

The thing which annoys me, and to be honest it used to amuse me and made me feel like the most popular girl in the world, is that now everybody is asking me when I am giving birth. The butcher, the pharmacist, the girl I buy my Mt Franklin water from, my beautician, my hairdresser, MY FAMILY. Everybody. Everyday. My sister calls me up once a day and always starts the conversation with - `When are you going to pop?'. So last night I snapped and told her (in the best calm voice I could manage) to please stop asking me that question, I will phone you as soon as I go into labour (not). In the end it made me feel so horrible that I lost sleep over it. I feel bad because she is only asking out of concern and excitement for me - just like the rest of the people. I feel like a bitch.

I guess I am getting really frustrated because I can hardly go out these days (walking is painful due to the pressure exerted on my pelvis and butthole), so sitting at home waiting for something to happen, despite the various distractions Apeman has provided me with, is not entirely fun.

Last night I asked Apeman if he would like to `put out' - maybe by having a quick bonk we can speed things up a little. He looked at me with amusement and said yes. But it was a reluctant `are-you-sure' yes. So I said if you don't find me attractive enough these days to have sex with then bugger it. He said he feels disrespectful to Poopee if he makes it with me whilst she is still inside. Which is fair enough because the last thing I need in that cramped space of mine is a reluctant penis.

Writing that last sentence made me laugh. :)


Thalia said...

The last line made me laugh! Love the idea of a relucant penis...but perhaps other forms of sexual satisfaction might make poopee's uterine environment a bit less comfortable without actually bumping up against him?

ninaB said...

I thought I was the only one who used a Braun epilator! I love it.

I hope you don't have to wait too much longer Drew. In the meantime, put your feet up, watch some DVDs and get the Apeman to paint your toenails (that would be my fantasy!).

Kath said...

It made me laugh too, dear Drew. I hope that things get going for you soon!

Just another Jenny said...

I told my husband that when I am done work next Friday we are going to start doing it every night because I am sooooo done and ready to meet this little one - reluctant penis or not! I hope little poopee makes an appearance very soon.