Wednesday, May 03, 2006

And then there's one...

An update:

Out of the 6 fertilised – on Day 2/3

2 x 6 cell (bit slow)

1 x 7 cell (odd numbered…sometimes they say that’s not as good as even numbered ones)

3 x 8 cell (in line with the expected growth)

Finally after another couple of sleepless nights, unnecessary hair plucking, re-arrangement of towels in the order of size and colours…

Out of the 6 sent out for PGD – results for Day 5 (transfer day)

3 x 8 cell deemed ABNORMAL – chromosome abnormalities which can lead to early foetal death, miscarriage, although the embryos certainly looks perfectly normal and hatches, implants or even go to full term – the baby is likely to have a few disabilities which may lead to premature death.  Apparently for my 3 here they detected two different types of abnormality syndrome.  Poor little buggers.

1 x 6 cell results deemed INCONCLUSIVE.  This means they cannot get results for some of the tests they had carried out.  The quality therefore remains unknown.  It could well be normal, but they can’t be sure about that.

1 x 6 cell results deemed NORMAL.  But it has not reached blastocyst stage yet, it needs another day of brewing because biologically this one is a little slower than the others.  Success rate decreases if it is left for another day in the lab but unfortunately they cannot freeze this one if it is not a blastocyst.

1 x 7 cell results deemed NORMAL.  It has compacted but not quite a blastocyst.  Again nothing we can do about this but the fact that it is NORMAL in everyway means it is good enough to be put back.  Ladies and gentleman – this shall be my child. 

I hope and hope and hope and hope.  And hope and hope.

ET this afternoon.  Will post again as the madness continues for the next two weeks.



Sunnie said...

Yes it shall be your child :)

Chan said...

I've got everything crossed for you :)

Thalia said...

Glad to hear that your 1 is normal. Hoping that this is it for you all.

Mony said...

You can slap me after I type it.

"It only takes one"

...go on. Slap me.
I have a GOOD feeling about this little sucker!!!
Keep updating Drew!

Ova Girl said...

Yes yes and YES! Everything crossed for you Drew!

Pamplemousse said...

See, it just shows you how wondrous PGD actually is that embryos can look great but be abnormal. I have my fingers crossed for you.

Sheryl said...

I'll say it as well (and you can slap me too!)

All you do need is one!

1 worked for me... and it WILL for you. This one WILL be your your child!!

Good Luck Drew :)

UtRus said...

whew. good! one good to go and a potential freezie. good luck Drew and Ape. go get 'em! hugs

UtRus said...

p.s. one question... so they take a cell off in order to check the genes... so is that why it's a 7 cell - because of the one they removed? or does that have nothing to do with it...

Drew said...

Hi girls thanks for the support.

Utrus I think it was a 7 cell to start off with, then they take one cell off for the tests. I think.??

Update: The remaining normal one didn't make it to blastocyst.. So I have none for freezing. :( A bit cut up about it but then again it maybe for the better because the success rate for a Day 6 transfer is pretty low.

Lv, Drew