Monday, May 29, 2006

Perky Perky

This morning, and just another day at my other office (a.k.a. fertility clinic), I was asked how I was feeling this lovely wet Monday (Mundane) morning.

Perky, feeling quite perky actually.

Really? What sort of word is that?

A new word – that’s what it is. I am feeling perky. I am feeling okay. Okay happy. Probably a word not appropriate for a place like this but it is better than `I’m feeling like crap because I can’t get pregnant.

  1. A list of things that makes me just a little more excited than usual:
    Weeding. Not the recreational drug kind but the actual acts of pulling weeds from the ground. I discovered this fine sport on the weekend because after reading the Dian Mills book – I realised in order to beat this endometriosis/fertility problem – I first need to look after myself and wind down. After much weeding and winding down I now have a lovely garden, a very relaxed state of mind this morning (despite the fact that I woke up with bad hair – like wearing a bad wig), and mighty sore thighs. Better than yoga methinks. My doggie thinks mommy has gone mad, he sat quietly and watched me wedding for hours.
  2. Fish and chips. Yes it was deep fried. Yes it’s bad for you because the oil they use is most definitely not cold pressed olive oil but 3 week old lard but hey, its fish – and fish has good oils in them so its good for you. Once in a wee while is okay. Yummy.
  3. Planning and packing for a holiday. The best part of a holiday is not the actual going part; it’s the part between packing and standing at the customs waiting for that immigration stamp on my passport. Apeman and I are two strange souls – we always hold hands and giggle like teenagers at the airport – for as long as I can remember.
  4. Trying on shoes. Enough said. I worn my Keds on the weekend and they gave me throbbing red ankles - but it’s totally worth it when I see the cute black flats on my feet with the little pink dots and a black bow on them.
  5. Ovulation. Not the drug induced ones –but au naturale. According to a scan this morning I have one coming up – accompanied by en entourage of 15 little cystic follicles. Ah….the joys of polycystic syndrome. If they can’t get you with one thing (i.e. endometriosis) they get you with another.

That’s enough for one week I think.

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