Sunday, November 19, 2006

Date Night

Finally I was able to convince Apeman, to spare himself from various brick-lifting activities, and take me to the movies on Saturday night. We haven't been on a date night for ages. Because we are both relatively quiet people (post marriage) we tend to be good homebodies and stay in most weekends.

We had a choice of either the intensely plotted `The Departed', or Jackass 2, and since I am a huge fan of the Knoxville team - of course it had to be the Jackass movie.

I wasn't disappointed. The over the top toilet humour was just what I needed - I haven't laughed like for a long time. As I was chuckling away I can feel my little poopee wriggling gently.

And I am sure nobody was seriously hurt in the movie...


Reel Fanatic said...

Jackass No.2 was indeed a laugh riot .. the only recent movie that made me laugh harder was "Borat," which I recommend most highly if you haven't seen it

Ova Girl said...

Drew! Have not been visiting for a while and your new look blog is muchos fantastico. Congrats, you have TAMED the beast that is blogger, and also groomed and styled him. very happy to read how well everything is going. Congrats on your lovely lovely u.s.