Monday, November 20, 2006

What's Normal Got to do with it?

At 21 weeks pregnant today, I did some recollecting:

1. I still check for bleeding everytime I wee, poo, or anytime in between when I have a `wet' feeling in my nether regions. Other `normal' pregnant women in my situation are probably assembling baby cots by now.

2. I wake up, every morning without fail, and view my stomach against the mirror in the bedroom. I want to make sure the baby bump is still there, and all that had happened wasn't just a nice dream afterall.

3. At 5 months pregnant, and despite quite obviously showing, I still ask Apeman on a daily basis - do I look pregnant or do I look like I had a big meal instead?

4. I still stare at other pregnant women with admiration, but with small part of jealousy. I wish I can wear my pregnancy as proudly as they do. My sister was dying to take a picture of me with my baby bump, but I refused. I honestly don't know what I am scared of.

5. I bought a new bra today, a bigger one to fit my pregnant boobs, but kept the receipt, `just in case'.

Despite my various hang-ups, I am too happy to be here, right now, with my poopee. I love you so much it hurts me to think how little positiveness I have in me. I hope poopee you grow up to have the optimism of your father, even though he is a bit of an Apeman.


Just another Jenny said...

This post is similar to what's in my mind. It's hard to shake that feeling of jealousy when you see other pregnant women.
Poopee - I love it!

Mony said...

Love the new look!

It suits the new you!