Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Dream

So far this year I already had four or five baby dreams - three of them I had before I'd fallen pregnant.

Last night, it was a delivery dream. It was so realistic - I was calling my baby by the name me and Apeman had decided on years ago. I was cradling the baby as soon as she was born. (Yes, SHE. I always dream about giving birth to a baby girl). I was nursing her. I was comforting her when she started to cry. I was saying to the midwife - `It's her isn't it? It's a girl? It's my girl! It's M......'. Then the tears.

Was at Miss Maud's today getting my fix. A small slice of black forrest cake straight from heaven. I joked to the lady and said,

`Ha - maybe I should just buy the whole cake instead of this tiny slice and get it over and done with!'.

And then I felt a nudge in the pelvic region - much like a persistent caress.... my baby agreed.

I think.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Feeling that must have been incredible! I hope you did go for the whole cake.