Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Detour

Really hot day today. I took my twins (new boobs) out to lunch with my friend who is leaving Perth for sunny Queensland next week.

On my way back from lunch, I was going to drop by Supre to look for a nice loose playsuit to wear because the days are definitely getting hotter. But I decided to finally break the ice with my infertility hang-ups and took a different turn into a baby shop with a warehouse type set-up.

I declined help from the shop assistant, and amused myself for about twenty minutes checking out the various type of beds, bassinets and cot sheets. I have no idea there are so many types of bed sheets/cloak things/wraps for babies. Who would know what a `bumper' is for without an illustrated pictorial?

There was a sale on, so I picked up a soft blanket, and two gorgeous little wraps for less than $30. All tastefully done and in my favourite colour. They are now safely tucked away in my drawer - and probably will be frequently played with (by me) over the next few months.

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Just another Jenny said...

It is hard to let go and buy baby stuff. I know I feel odd in the baby section still. I ordered a grobag the other day and felt crazy doing it so early. If we were fertiles are closets would be full by now.