Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Other Dream

Been having this dream since I left my full time engineering job.

It always starts with me running late for a lecture - and always physics. I hate physics - I try to have very little to do with it (though it doesn't work because I need it occasionally). I especially hated physics lectures. I can say I love Maths - but no, not physics. It's fucked.

Or - another scenario will be I was running behind with finishing off my assignment. I was running around everywhere - chasing after this and that and somehow I can never find the time to finish off my work even though I know it was due, like, yesterday.

I will be all anxious, because I was running so late, sometimes I cry because of the nervousness of it all. Sometimes I just wish this is all just a bad dream. And ha ha. It always was.

And I am always grateful to wake up and realise it has all been a bad dream. But it always leave a bad after taste in my mouth. Like I swallowed a bug or something. Or I wake up sweating profusely because I was so anxious.

I think it has something to do with the fact that I am not working anymore - it just feels like I am missing out of something everyday.

On a perkier note - I cut my hair yesterday. I had long, shiny, straight dark hair and I CUT it all off because it has been so hot. I did promise myself that if I ever get lucky (a.k.a. pregnant), I will cut my hair real short. The hairdresser did an okay job - afterwards I went home and laid in bed and couldn't say a word for the next three hours. I nearly cried. But didn't.

It was a little devastating, but it was, at the same time, like a soul revival.

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soralis said...

I am so sorry about the dreams, there is nothing worse than waking up after a nasty one.

Remember if you don't like your hair you can always grow it back. That's one thing I always like about hair, if you get a bad hair cut you can eventually get it fixed.

Take care