Saturday, November 11, 2006

Heaven Couldn't Wait

Oh dear, dear God.

I thought Belinda was in remission and was ready to start a family with Rove - after all that she had been through.

I thought they will both live happily ever after - such a beautiful and sweet couple. Two kindred spirits.

May you rest in peace Belinda - you left behind a beautiful man who loves you very much.


Meri-ann said...

I know... just way too sad...

Bugsy said...

I think we all are saying the same thing today. It is just so unfair. My heart goes out to Rove and family. It was news I was hoping never to see. My tears are flowing for her, yet we never met. She was beautiful inside and out and he loved her unconditionally - if only we could all experience love like that.

Mony said...

Too tragic.
It's just the saddest news.