Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Fresh Start - And More Gard-Damn Blood Tests...

....And the doctor was nice.

He is alot nicer than I expected - he's funny, a bit younger than I thought he will be. Probably the only drawback is he is not as good a listener as my old doctor. I miss my old doctor already (in a way).

The new clinic is fantastic - they are so organised, the sitting room is a lot spunkier, and the nurses seem to know EXACTLY what they are doing. Which is refreshing! Doctor had a half hour discussion with me and Ape-man - going through both our history - discussing everything from when I got my first period, our sexual history, and our conceiving history together.

One of the first conclusions he made was - it doesn't look good. In fact he used the word `grim'. Which is not what I want to hear.

He said you have a pretty good profile here, no major problems encountered with getting eggs and embryos - and after 7 cycles with more than 10 healthy embryos put back and still no pregnancy is not a good sign.

But remember I had my dream last night - my baby dream. I am feeling optimistic.

I asked about antibodies, I asked about `uterine receptiveness' - everything I learnt from Dr Beer's website in the US. My new doctor said Dr Beer's findings is debatable - he is more concerned about more important things such as chromosome abnormality within the embryos. I will therefore need to get a pre-implantation genetic screening when we do a fresh cycle. My doctor said apparently in the Eastern States, a woman just completed her 26th transfer (yes, fucking 26th! Mind blowing - good on her!), unfortunate for her - it failed - again. They screened her next batch of embryos for PGS - and found abnormalities in ALL of them - which means none of the embryos were destined for full term pregnancies nor can they be implanted. I didn't ask what she did next because the possibility of it scared me to death - but my doctor voluteered the information anyway - he said that couple are just not destined to have babies together.

Anyway on that dark note - they have taken fucking 12 tubes of blood from me and another 8 from the Ape-man - standard pre-IVF screening. Am looking at doing a frozen embryo cycle next month as soon as period arrives using embryos I have in storage from the old clinic. Fingers crossed.

Genetic problems or not.


Em said...

I wouldn't like to hear 'grim' either but I think it sounds positive that they are doing the genetic testing, At least you'll know where you stand. I had a baby dream a few months ago and it was so vivid and wonderful. I really hope it means I will have a baby, otherwise my subconcious is really, really cruel.

Ova Girl said...

A fresh start is great and your new dr sounds very on the ball. Fingers crossed for you!