Tuesday, July 05, 2005

IVF Battlefield - Version 45.3

Excellent news – period has stopped as of late this morning.

Thank you God for small favours. I may even be able to stop wearing panty liners by tomorrow.

Once again I am on the lookout for RHS pelvic pains – any little nicks and pricks to tell me I MAYBE ovulating this cycle again. Oh please God let me be normal.

I just came back from a short walk – stopping by Kookai to look at the tops I swear I will stop buying (because I am going to be pregnant and should stick to loose fitting clothing not tight little numbers), and Zomp – to look at shoes I am not supposed to buy because I am saving up for IVFs and motherhood. Fortunately I came out unscathed. But damn the boots are on sale.

So as I walked back to the office – right at building entrance I was pushed over by not one, but two heavily pregnant women (who are obviously friends) with the most massive baby-bellies I have ever seen. OK –enough of that whinging bullshit. Moving right along.

My friend A - who has been battling with IVF for years like myself - is going to start a fresh cycle with a new clinic in the next month or so - her new doctor has it all worked out for her - the drugs, the pre-start medication, the post-IVF medications, she even had a pre-IVF operation to have an internal clean out and full medical checks for herself and her husband. The new clinic is throwing all eggs into the basket for her and I hope and pray this is it for her. I need to surround myself with a little bit of positivity - at least I know people are still getting pregnant through IVF.

I remember one of my earlier posts I wrote about seeing a rainbow through my office window - I saw it again yesterday. I don't know if this is God's way of teasing me - but I appreciate it and I see the rainbow as a sign of hope. I have nothing else to look forward to - so a little rainbow is certainly going to help me along the way.

I wish for nothing else except to be happy and take each day as it comes. Oh - an ovulation this month will be nice as well - a bonus.


Em said...

Thanks for linking to me. I'll do the same!

Ova Girl said...

The rainbow is a beautiful sign! I always start singing that song "I can see clearly now the rain has gone..." when I see them.
Maybe it was a sort of 'sorry about those enormous pregnant bellies that got in your face'sign.
Hang in there Drew...

MC said...

Fuck they're every where, I'm sick to death of pregnant friends, relatives, strangers. Especially sick of pregnant friends complaining and telling me they're over being pregnant.