Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Does anyone still wear culottes?

Made a full-on fashion statement today by wearing a pair of culottes I bought from Witchery on the weekend. Prior to this purchase I didn't even know what culottes are or how to pronounce it.
I wasn't keen on them initially - but because it fitted quite well around the hips area, plus I am currently doing an IVF cycle - so this is the perfect time to buy fitted pants because I need something to remind myself that it is still okay to buy pants because I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO CARE IF THIS CYCLE WORKS OUT OR NOT. So under the careful guidance of the Witchery sales assistant, who gleefully assured me that I looked hot in the culottes - I bought them AND another two skirts. No tops. Just skirts. Tight ones.

Then this morning at work somebody who was born in the 40's pointed out to me that this is what they used to wear when they were heaps younger. So the curious me researched it on the internet and found this amusing link:

Hot hot hot!!

The moment I saw it I laughed my ass off. Fuck! Do I really look like that?

Oh well, I like the pants - it kind of made my waist looked a little smaller even though I am supposed to be bloated with IVF drugs.

My friend (a real trooper), who is currently embarking on her 16th cycle with her new clinic - has officially kick-started her fresh cycle after three months of fucking around with clean-up surgeries and pre-IVF medicated cycles. She is doing a fresh cycle with her new clinic. She almost had to push a trolley to the pharmacy and back with the drugs she is supposed to be taking. Human growth hormones, suppositories, estrogen supplements, gonatrophins, steriods, aspirins...etc. I think she is so incredibly brave and I hope she gets a good outcome this time.

Babies for all.

Had my trigger injection last night. We spent 15 minutes analysing the drugs we were given, another 5 minutes arguing about what goes where and how. A further 5 minutes for me to whinge about how painful it is going to be and to give a mini lecture on the price to pay to create a new life, and another few moments to numb the injection site with ice to minimise the pain.

Yup. Still hurts. Hate trigger injections. Can't they make smaller needles?

The good news is Ape-man handled it very well, and was as gentle as he could be - once it was over he gave me a hug and told me he will buy me a new car end of the year if we have the money.

The bad news is I have more of those injections to come because I am using HCG injections instead of progesterones pessaries this cycle.

We injected into the fat of my stomach. As a novelty I might do it on the buttocks next time - never tried that one before. Bet you it probably hurts even more.


betty said...

I just found your blog and I larfd and larfd about your IVF attire. Sounds great I might get me some of those.

Em said...

Wow...Witchery. When I was last back in Melbourne, which was two years ago, I was amazed at the cool stuff Witchery had in it. It was like it had undergone a facelift. It is expensive though, do you think? I remember Culottes. Both wearing them and my mum having them in the 80s.

Drew said...

Hey girls - thanks Betty for stopping by!

Yeah Witchery has gone quite trendy the last year or so - they are still pretty expensive but I only ever shop there when they have sales - they make the nicest skirts and knits. I actually got the skirts for $30 each and the culottes for $60 - not bad considering they were all at least twice that amount before the sale. Love that place.


Ova Girl said...

Hey...good luck with that trigger shot! And yes...I'd try the butt too, you know share the pain...

fingers crossed!

Panda said...

I reckon I have a very similar pattern lying around here somewhere, from the late 80's. I still have the fabric I bought to make them. Why o why did the 80's have to make a comeback???

Good luck with the stabby stabby.