Friday, September 30, 2005

Bad Times

Spent most of last night crying over Grandpa. He is still hanging on by the way. He has lost all ability to speak and move and is in a semi-comatose state, however I was told today that he was able to nod in the morning when grandma came in to say hi, that was his way of acknowledging her presence. Poor grandma, she spent the entire night watching over grandpa. She is finding it really difficult to let go of her lover of 60 years.

I told Apeman when I'm old (and possibly senile), please don't send me to the old folks home. I want to stay at home with you. He said nah I am sending you there because you will probably still be waffling on about IVF and infertility, plus I want to set up home with my other girlfriends. I said well that's it, next time when I am getting a trigger injection you are going to get one too. We go down together.

Nothing much to report today, except since I discovered part of my ovary has grown back I suddenly realise I have back pain - the same ones I used to get before my ovary-removal surgery. My ovary has always been stuck to my back, which I am almost 100% sure that the `new ovary' is stuck in the same place. And because I have PCOS (how fucked is that? You get away with one disease and suddenly you are lumped with another - can somebody untie me from this noose?), everytime I go to the loo its a struggle. The uterus and the ovary is so bloated it makes weeing painful.


I still haven't worked out my situation yet (the situation about the discovery of a new (and not necessarily improved) ovary, PCOS, not ovulating this month, and now that I have PCOS, it is going to make it difficult for me to absorb Puregon for my next cycle because my body is going to resist it).

Another obstacle. More thinking to be done.

Drove up north on Wednesday for work, and managed to take some pictures. This one is my favourite, a field full of sheeps. I wanted to run amongst them and be happy. My workmates said I really need to go out more.

If only life is as easy as running amongst green fields, humping the opposite sex when the opportunity arises, and eat grass (or whatever sheep eats).


Thalia said...

Drew - I'm so sorry you're being lumped with so much stuff. You might want to get in touch with Akeeyu at 'herveryown' (link on my blog if you want) who also has both endo and PCOS. It's just really tough to have to cope with both. Lord knows I find endo enough of a struggle

Kath said...

Drew, firstly I am very sorry to hear of your grandpas condition. My thoughts are with your entire family on this.

Secondly, I always believed puragon is good for people with PCOS. You end up being a really good responder. Everyone I know with PCOS does well on this drug - they may not get pregnant, but they do produce lots of embryos.

Drew said...

Thanks girls - it's very encouraging to hear that. :)