Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Good Old Days

Was severely jet-lagged yesterday after waiting 4 hours in the Hong Kong airport for my flight, and then strapped to a seat for another 8 hours on a plane with the airbus toilets constantly occupied. Was also constantly woken up by fake-smiling air-hostesses, that I need to put on my seat belt properly (define properly???). Felt like shit this morning as I poured myself into the car and drove to work. Now feeling a bit better after having my Ribena fix.

So finally after much piss-farting around the house and washing of 2 weeks worth of dirty laundry - I sat down and tried to watch some TV.

Then my favourite ad came on. It was the new McDonald ad with all these white collared people walking around in their offices. Then suddenly they came to a halt and their bellies open up - a little minature of themselves climbed out. The little kiddies (some wearing oh-so-cute adult glasses) all went to McDonalds for a well deserved break on behalf of their`adult bodies'. After their `play time' at Maccas, they got some takeaways (burgers), returned to their adult bodies and placed the burgers in their hands and climbed back `inside'. The adult bodies came to their senses, and realise somebody conveniently put a Macca burger in their hands so they too took a break themselves and ate away. Everybody lived happily ever after.

Despite being such a daft ad - especially since it was for Maccas - I actually became teary watching it. The good old days of being a child, who values playtime more than anything. I wish I can be six again and not having to worry about IVF and other reproductively challenged issues.

Apeman is held up with business overseas so he is not coming home until thursday night. Which is just as well because my ovary was particularly twingy last night and I kept wetting my pants (not pee but the other fluid) so I did a quick ovulation test and of course I HAD to see two lines. I am ovulating as we speak and I don't have Apeman here to inseminate me.

Fucking stupid stork.


Yowie said...

Thanks and good luck.

Panda said...

I say we cook it for christmas dinner.

betty said...

Bloody hell the timing sucks.
I get teary at that add too, and I hate Maccas!

Pamplemousse said...

I am just jealous that you ovulate! Damn!