Monday, September 26, 2005


My idol - my grandpa was admitted to hospital early Saturday. He battled bladder cancer a few years ago, came out of a marathon 13 hour surgery and survived - and continued a lifestyle of `live for today, worry about tomorrow - tomorrow'. Grandma nursed him back to health, and gradually he gained pound by pound and was given a life-extension of a few more years. He was incredibly lucky.

As of Saturday, the retarded doctors, who gave grandpa the all-clear only a month ago after a fuck-loads of blood tests and scans, told my poor grandma this weekend that grandpa only has a day or so to live - his cancer has suddenly caught on and spread throughout his body including almost all nymph-nodes and has completely shut down his kidney function.

All in a span of a month?

So far grandpa seems to be doing okay, stablised with drips and morphine (for the pain in his lower back due to the cancer). He was offered life-saving surgery on Sunday - with the possibility of savaging his `fake bladder' and kidney, but was told it will be incredibly painful and they cannot guarantee he will come out of the surgery okay. Grandpa - the trooper that he is - flatly turned down the doctors and requested them to turn up the painkillers and let him be. He want to pass in peace and not in pain.

And here, I promise I will live as spectacularly as I can for you Grandpa. You inspire me and I love you.


Jerry Simpson said...

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Sheryl said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandpa {{HUGS}}

MC said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa, he sounds like a very strong person.

Mony said...

Keeping you & your brave grandparents in my thoughts. So sorry to hear about this struggle.

Ova Girl said...

I'm sorry Drew. Your grandpa sounds lovely. And I do think it's great that he could exercise his will to control his means of passing. Peace instead of pain is a wonderful gift.

Drew said...

Thanks heaps girls - grandpa is doing ok today. But is unfortunately in pain.