Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Was packing for our trip last night, and came across a stash of condoms. These condoms are a real collector's item - they are at least 7 years old and pretty much dried up. Everytime we moved houses Apeman must have `saved' them - thinking we may need to use it one day. (Eeek!)

Then suddenly a thought crossed my mind.

`Did you know that I am a walking human contraceptive?'
`What you mean?'
`Well we have been having sex for 9 years now, and 6 of them are unprotected, and they keep putting healthy embryos into me and I am still not pregnant, so aren't I qualified enough for that name?'
`Yeah whatever.'

I just found out the sad (happy?) news that a fresh graduate in this office who is only half year out of university got knocked up, and since she is well into her three months worth she is therefore keeping the baby - and the catch is the relationship was casual (some heard it was a one-night stand because there was never a boyfriend mentioned). Workmates here are saying isn't it weird that you survived high school and university, with all those drunken keg parties and hormonally charged uni students - she managed to get by okay, but she got knocked up only months into her first job and was supposed to be going on an offshore trip soon?

I don't envy her - but of course I feel shitty about it. People are getting knocked up by having one night stands around me, whilst we have steady sex for years and years and I am still Libra Fluer's biggest customer. Fuck that's really messed up.


Sonya said...

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Keep up the super articles!


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Em said...

Do Libra Fleur still do those pretty little flower boxes?
I have been off the pill for 20 months and nada! I have condoms in my drawer that I was given by my surgery when I went off the pill. Oh, how ignorant I was thinking I had any say in when I would get pregnant. That stuff with the's just the unfairness of the fertility wheel of fortune. It will be pretty tough for her though, on her own.

betty said...

It's not fair is it? Why did we bother with birth control? We all could have saved our money!!

Ova Girl said...

I was off the pill 9 years ago and zilcharoonie...

but anyhoo, that random pregnancy stuff?'s just the universe being a complete arsehole.

April said...

Ugh. When we moved into our new place, I found our stash of stuff from when we were newly married - the condoms, the vaginal film, the contraceptive foam, the diaphragm.

How ironic to think the money I poured into, and the worry I had about being pregnant.

Ha! If I had only known then what I know now...

MC said...

Evry now and then we piss ourselves over how cautious we used to be. Always using condoms, when it turned out that we didn't need to at all.