Monday, September 12, 2005

Holiday Pause

Right now, I am sitting in an internet cafe right in the centre of Hong Kong party central Tsim Sha Tsui - blogging away.

I did forget about babies and IVF and fucking large needles that draw blood - for maybe a day or so.

But then of course my beady little eyes began to search for babies and pregnant women - even when I am supposed to be on holiday. And oh my god - there are so many young mothers in Hong Kong. Half of them half my age - and I am only 31. I saw 19 year old moms lugging their little girl to childcare before work. I saw `older moms' in their late twenties lugging three kiddies to the local fast food joint for a `quality' lunch. I saw almost angelic looking pregnant women with their massive bellies struggling to get into a crowded train on her way to work. It is such a fast pace city I cannot imagine going through IVF here - let alone bringing up a young life.

It makes me more determined to return home next week and give IVF another bash. It's worth it. I want a baby so much. I think this trip is a fantastic idea - I feel much better and all that shopping and touring has rejuvenated me.

I just hope my wee frozen ones (three more left) are ready for ME when I return.

In the mean time - its relaxation time - I didn't even bother to do my temperatures in the morning.


MC said...

I love Hong Kong. May be I should do that in my holidays next week, just take off there for a few days.

Ova Girl said...

Sounds like you're having a good time Drew. You certainly sound energetic and invigorated!

Thalia said...

It's really liberating not taking temps, isn't it? I'm thinking of throwing the thermometer away, myself.

Pamplemousse said...

Hope you are having a great time!