Friday, May 13, 2005

6th Transfer

So this morning, I went to the clinic for my Day 6 ultrasound.

This cycle I am using Progynova 20mg to bring up the endometrial lining thickness - however no ovulation will be occuring because my own oestrogen will be suppressed. So basically I will be going for at least two or three ultrasounds to check the lining thickness. Once the lining is thick enough, I will be going for my 6th transfer.

Such exciting stuff.

This morning - the doctor who did the ultrasound happened to be the doctor who did my 5th transfer. The moment he saw me he exclaimed: `Now why didn't you get pregnant when I did the last transfer for you? You were naughty there weren't you??' I paused and chuckled accordingly at his joke. Funny ha ha.

Well that was the million dollar question wasn't it? I wish I did frigging well got pregnant last cycle because otherwise I wouldn't be lying here waiting for you to use the vaginal probe on me once again like the old days wouldn't I?

All lubed up and ready to go.

So lining thickness is looking promising. On Day 6 it is already on a juicy 9mm. I know some women struggled to get their lining to this thickness even on Days 13+. But here I am, with optimal lining thickness - ready for transfer as soon as it gets juicy enough. But then again, everything had been picture perfect in the past and I haven't had any success to date. So this picture here is not telling the thousand words it promised.

Am waiting for blood test results. I know what it will be. Oestrogen will be less than 300, I will not be ovulating this cycle so don't expect it to rise anymore than that. So take a few days break from blood tests they'd say, come back on Day 10 and have another vaginal probe and we will go from there.

I shoud apply for a job at the fertility clinic. I am experienced enough to answer patients questions, can interpret my own results, I am empathic so I can console patients. This morning whilst lying on the bed waiting to be probed, I was going to flick on the ultrasound machine and see if I can scan myself. Might as well learn another skill and save myself a buck or two.

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