Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hi, I am Drew. I am crap at making babies.

Good day to you.

My name is Drew. Here goes - another one of those tragic IVF story.

A little about myself - and in the future I will gradually feel in all the holes. I am 31 this year. Been married for almost 5 years now. I live in Australia - the land of the free but for me - trying to conceive (ttc) comes with a big price for me. My husband is the same age. We both love children. We had all the names worked out even before we got married.

Initially we bonked like rabbits and hoping one of those months will be IT. I get pregnant and we live happily ever after.

One year later, still no babies. Went for routine blood test and found out I'm not ovulating. So, after 5 years, 5 major operations, a few years worth of hormone medication/injections into the gut, 4 IVF cycles, 2 extra IVF cycles that went horribly wrong and had to be cancelled, a case of ovarian hyperstimulation, a diagnosis of severe endometriosis that got progressively severe as I pump myself with more and more IVF drugs, and the loss of one of my ovaries and fallopian tube later - and here I am - still hopelessly barren.

Oh by the way - I am going to be mean in this blog. I am not going to be nice like the way I confide in people about my problems. This is my ONLY outlet. I don't want to hear no more

`Oh it's all stress hunny, just relax and it will come', or
`When are you going to think about having children? Time is running out you know...tick tock..tick tock', or
`Oh your time will come, it is just your body telling you that it is not ready for a baby yet'.

I just can't help but being cynical sometimes.

I am just a little tired, a little frustrated, a little scared. However I am not loosing hope yet. I just wish for this blog to help me vent out some of the emotions all bottled up inside.

I wish the best for all couples who are having problems conceiving out there.

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