Friday, May 27, 2005

As Time Goes By

Poor Shrapelle Corby, she got sentenced to 20 years in jail for bringing mull into Bali. Tough sentence if she's innocent. I hope she's okay.

Imagine that - she will be 47 if she serve the full sentence. And if she is allowed out on parole earlier, she will be well into her fourties - not exactly her most fertile years to make babies.

Somebody sentimental sent me a cute joke today, it was rather lame but it finished with a beautiful phrase:

`The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness'.

How true is that.

Interestingly, whilst I was strapped down the on meat block, with my legs tied to the stirrups minutes before my embryo transfer, the nurse engaged me in some light bantering.

She said, `Are you religious?'
Drew, `What?'
Nurse, `Like, are you into any forms of religion?'
Drew, `No.., but should I be? You reckon it will help?'
Nurse, `Yeah, to a certain extent, it will give you some hope and comfort'.
Drew, `Oh. Okay, maybe.'

Then the doctor started to clean my Fifi in preparation of the transfer. I was thinking to myself, maybe I need to have a little more faith in this process. I shouldn't live my life marvelling the life of a carefree childless couple and go shopping lots. Maybe I should work on my emotional feelings a little more, maybe I have some sort of emotional blockage that is preventing me from falling pregnant.

How hard is it to get pregnant? Maybe I will use the old trick and pretend I am 15 years old and doing it for the first time with a boyfriend from wrong side of the tracks. Ha - that should work.

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