Thursday, May 19, 2005

Oranges and Motherhood

Once I remember watching this dumbass on TV – who did a stint for World Vision about the poor kids in Africa who are severely malnutrition.

She said she did a wonderful thing by delivering a big mass of oranges to this community and fed the children. She said the kiddies loved the oranges she sent, there were even footages of children chewing away on these oranges with juices running all over their cute little chins.

What a dumbass – great news for her that she is doing a good deed and feel much better about herself afterwards. But isn’t it common sense that oranges is ACIDIC, and is normally eaten as an after dinner fruit to help with digestion? Imagine the poor children who munched away on the oranges – only to suffer in silence later on with all that acid eating away their already non-existent stomach linings.

I think I make a very capable mother based on this single observation.

Still on the pessaries. Feel like a drag today because I am dreading the FET next Monday. I am not feeling too positive about this cycle. I think as the number of cycles increases – you just kind of lose hope and get used to it. Now the daily visits to the clinic, the blood tests, the ultrasounds, the medication, the filling in and signing of IVF consent forms – all these now becomes a routine. I am just glad I haven’t gone mental yet – I am amazed at my own perseverance – something which I thought I was incapable of, and a word which I cannot spell properly without using Microsoft spellcheck.

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