Monday, May 16, 2005

More Probing

During the weekend I wrote a series of hideously long and winding philosophies on life – according to Drew. But internet at home keeps playing up so I was unable to post.

Endometrial lining today is at 10mm. Day 9. Not bad. Doctor said it was absolutely perfect (ha – like I haven’t heard that one before). And I will not require anymore ultrasounds this cycle. Excellent news. No more blood tests.

I am a human pin cushion, only the right arm is ever good enough for taking blood. There is one tiny vein there, which is never visible, and tends to pop in and out of reach as soon as the needle goes in there. I am the clinic’s worse pathological nightmare.


bschneider5 said...

how about in your leg?Bradsblog

Drew said...

Now that is getting too `herion' feel. But thanks for asking.

The blood nurse did ask me once if I was interested in having the blood taken from the feet - I said no. Try that damn arm again.

In the end she took it from in between the knuckles - that was a fucking ripper.