Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Welcome to the land of the eternally barren

I have some good news.

Just found out my new friend Tammy - who is a very gifted woman and is going to perform Reiki on me to clear out my emotional blockages - charges only $30 per session.

Not $554465876786 like the other people who takes advantage of a poor woman who is slowly going mental because she cannot conceive like normal people.

Like my acunpunchurist (ex), naturopath (ex), another naturopath (ex) and the tarot card reader whom I saw a year ago in desperation, and didn't tell me anything I don't already know.

Yes, 6th time didn't work out. I am having a break before this conceiving problem breaks me. I don't want to start stealing babies in the middle of the night, or carry my `happy-dolly' around the shopping centre and pretend I had just given birth. That's mental.


Kath said...

I like Reiki. However, did Tammi say that hre reiki was going to clear out all your emotional blockages? I just think it allows to you feel good for 60 minutes to counter the billion minutes of shit.

Good to see another Aussie blog. Vomit out is better than vomit in.

Drew said...

Thanks Kath

Tammi says Reiki is going to be really good for me because I am so wind up inside. She said my problems are more emotionally than physically - she saids I need to see Reiki master for maybe three to four times. Hell - combined that's even cheaper than the cost of my lupron shots. And they friggin hurts!

And the clairvoyant is the best $50 therapy I have ever used.

Kath said...

The only alternative therapy I had was a weekly 1hr swedish massage. It cost $50 each time but it used to be the only thing in my life I looked forward to. So, I am a big fan of massage.

What would you have done if the clairvoyant told you that you were not ment to have kids? I have never seen one for that very reason.

Drew said...

Hey Kath

Well - after my last failure I figured nothing fazed me anymore. I used to be scared of seeing a clairvoyant - I was afraid of hearing things I don't want to hear. But recently I feel I really need to see for myself a glimmer of hope - because even my doctors cannot tell me why my IVF's keep on failing. I really want somebody to tell me if this is worth pursuing because I don't know when I will mentally break.

Kath - can I ask you what worked for you in the end? I am about to change clinics. My last cycle really fucked my body up - I am just angry that I keep pumping drugs to myself and it is not doing me one ounce of good!!