Thursday, June 02, 2005

A letter to my unborn child

Hello baby, wherever you are,

I think I better start talking to you - because I really need to be positive so I can finally see you.

I always think of the day when I will be lying on a surgery table, and finally seeing you - and holding you in my arms. You will have thick mop of black air like your mommy and daddy, and big eyes - just like us. I used to have lots of hair as a baby you know - so hopefully you be equally blessed and look more like me. Well, your daddy is not too bad looking but if you're a girl - I hope you look like me, but have eyelashes like your daddy.

And when I see you I will cry, the tears I cry will be tears of happiness because there will be so much happiness around us, and to know you are finally safe in my arms.

Last night, after a turbulent few days finishing off another dud IVF cycle, I was lying in bed, suddenly I realise I was crying. I was crying because I yearn so much to have you in my arms. I promise I will not complain about sleepless nights, soiled nappies, early starts....never ever. I used to think as soon as I have you, I will give it a couple of months, then I will return to work as a career woman like I am now. But after my experiences the last few years, I realise what is more important, and trust me, with your arrival everything else will become secondary. Mommy and daddy will dedicate ourselves to your upbringing and make sure you have the best of everything we can afford.

Your daddy is building a new house for us. There is going to be a nice nursery - honey you even get to have your own choice of rooms. I am going to decorate your nursery in a nice bright yellow colours with lots of wall cartoon pictures. I have already bought you a cute little hat with little bear ears, and a little pink dress (if you're a girl of course), and a soft yellow romper. I will try and build on that collection so when you are finally here, mommy promise you will be the best dressed baby in this side of the town!!

I look forward to see your face - I dreamt about you a few times, but have never been able to catch a glimpse of your face. Mentally I have a picture of you - I am so sure I can see your eyes already.

I love you and sleep tight for now.

Lv, Mommy Drew

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