Thursday, June 09, 2005

Estrogen Update

Went to clinic today to tell them how sick and tired I am to keep getting bills for negative cycles as soon as I get my period. How friggin insensitive is that?

Nah actually I was there to discuss options - more on that tomorrow.

Whilst I was there, I figured it's time to put some holes in my arms so I went for a blood test. Fortunately, and thank GOD for small favours, it didn't hurt and the magic nurse poked my vein with first attempt.

Just got my blood test results. Estrogen is 370 today. Normally if I still have Deirdre (left ovary) around, it will mean the bugger is growing cyst again, and estrogen will stay between 200 to 350 for at least two weeks before my body starts thinking about having a bleed.

But now that Deirdre is gone and resting in peace, with E2 = 370 means it is quite normal for a Day 9 result. Which means I may be ovulating this cycle. Oh my God, it's a miracle. I feel nice even typing that word - OVULATION. For some girls it is as easy as chewing gum, for me, once upon a time, having a natural ovulation is like a solar eclipse or equivalent to growing a third nipple.

I am going to name my right ovary Dianna. Dianna sounds like a powerful enough name. She's gonna be a trooper and pull me through this mess.

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