Monday, June 13, 2005

Making Egg

Just had a massive weekend spent with Babe's family and relatives. It all went well uneventfully - to a certain extent. Of course I got the usual bugging of `Oh when you you going to have kids? You've been married for quite a few years now.'

Yes, we have been married for five years now.

No, we haven't had any kids yet.

Yes, we have been trying and bonking like mad as you have suggested to us in the past.

And yes, I thoroughly enjoy anal sex so that's all we do - day in day out.

So therefore, no, we don't have kids yet.

It wasn't fun when a few of Babe's aunties keep staring at my stomach (flat) throughout the entire time they were talking to me. As if they are trying to guess if I am popping one out yet. Or maybe Drew's already pregnant, oh wait, didn't she have that nasty operation a few years ago? Oh my god, she had some work done on her ovaries! Does that mean she can't have kids? Oh my god. SHE'S BARREN. Her poor husband.

And on that note, here's an estrogen update - it makes me really proud of Dianna.

Day 9 - E2 = 370
Day 11 E2 = 500 (and the nurse punished me by poking the needle into my muscle - I yelped)
Day 12 E2 = 630
Day 13 E2 = ?? (didn't get a chance to go in for blood test today as was running late and had an all day shitty meeting).

As an engineer it is my duty to graph the results, so I just did, and I expect my estrogen to be between 700 to 750 today.

So really by subjecting myself to a blood test today will be a waste of time as I expect to be told to keep going in daily until estrogen inclines towards 1000 and LH surges.

Must get up earlier tomorrow so I can go in for a poke.

I don't know what is driving me after all these years of injections, blood tests etc. I really don't know. But all I know is I can still do it. It doesn't faze me anymore.

I still remember the worst time was when I was on Clomid during my first year of treatment, my doctor ordered continual blood tests because my estrogen wasn't picking up due to lack of response in the ovaries. I ended up having 12 BLOOD TESTS in a row. The last few times I always come out crying and bruised and poked through. And in the end - no ovulation and the cycle was subsequently cancelled. All that blood for nothing. But never mind. Onwards and upwards.

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