Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Satay Sticks and Wontons

As a part of my self-improvement regime - I went to a new cooking class and learnt how to make Satay chicken sticks, steamed wontons, and a pastry dessert. The food was great but I only wish for them to put on more food so I can really `taste' the food. Babe loves me. He thinks I am now an ace cook so he doesn't have to put up with shitty home-cook meals, fast food meals and meals on wheels (drive-thru) anymore.

Was chatting to a friend of mine who had at least 13 IVF transfers. She recently had her remaining tube removed - it was one of those dang hydrosalphinx (liquid filled tube). I used to have one of those, but it was removed earlier this year together with my left ovary Deirdre. Poor Deirdre, she looked like a lump of cut-up meat from some of my holiday snaps (laproscopy). I hope she rest in peace. The first thing I asked my doctor as soon as I regain consiousness was where is my ovary? He said, `It's in a bowl somewhere in the theatre'. Lovely.

Anyway my friend was convinced by her GP that by removing her hydrosalphinx she will have a much better chance next time. In fact just one of his patients recently got lucky as soon as her `bottle-neck' was removed!!! I hope so - I really hope so. I am also waiting for my turn. I also have been lining up for a baby for years now. For my sake and my friend's sake, I hope we both fall pregnant soon and can move on to more interesting and uplifting topics about babies.

Am going to go home tonight and give my smelly dog a big hug.

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