Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Long Weekend ... and some Reiki

Thank god for the Foundation Day off.

I bought some peace on the weekend - I had Reiki and I friggin ruined it by going shopping straight after. I was absolutely drained by the end of the day.

I drove for one hour to a small town to get my Reiki treatment. It was absolute bliss - both the Reiki, full body massage and the trip there....beautiful country side views, fresh air, drizzling rain, great driving music by George. Tammy was absolutely fantastic. And I had the most bizzare experience which made me believe in holistic powers.

To start off with, I was not as sceptical as I thought I will be. I actually believed I will go home a changed person and let all be healed. When the treatment was finished, my entire left side of the body (from head to toe) tingled...well..it is more like I was COLD - and strangely - only on the left side of the body only. They say Reiki is a powerful energy which travels to the part of your body that needs healing...and so it seems my left side needs some serious healing. And coincidentally, I have suffered some major trauma to my left side this year as a result of endometriosis and a 14-cm bastard of an ovarian cyst.


Then something else weird happened during the treatment. I drifted out of consiousness for maybe two seconds - I was in the same meditative state I used to experience when I was practising meditation seriously a few years ago - but I definitely wasn't asleep. I saw a soldier....the soldier looked tired. Then I saw a close-up of his boots. They looked well worn. Then I saw the soldier again, he was definitely resting - not sure if he was taking a nap - but he was definitely taking a break from his war duties.

Tammy said he was either in my past life, or maybe I am seeing myself in the state I am currently in at the moment. It was very eerie. It was my calling to take things easily and accept my lessons learnt.

So whatever it was - I BELIEVE. I know it is time for me to step back from IVF and take a break. I am really tired as well.

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