Thursday, June 09, 2005

Shitty Weekend Ahead


Was advised by Babe that I have two family dinners to attend. The first one is my father in law's birthday dinner, which is actually not so bad. But seeing my mother in law doing back-flips over the my sister in law's new born baby is quite nauseating. But bearable. I may sound jealous, but trust me, I'm not.

Then on Sunday night I have the big family hug-meet party - extended relatives from overseas are here to visit the family. Basically one of Babe's cousin married another cousin several years ago, so the female cousin's family (from the U.S.) are here for a visit....the cousins had been trying mad for a baby for years, and only recently got lucky - with twins. The rumour is IVF. But of course nobody within the family circle of trust says pip about it - like it is a big TABOO. Everyone reckons it is a natural conception. People just don't suddenly have twins after a 7 year gap.

I may sound resentful and mean - but I have my reasons.

Everybody in Babe's family are extremely fertile, they literally fall pregnant on their wedding night and from then on, kids just keeps popping out. Everytime I'm at a family dinner their conversations always revolve around why I haven't fallen pregnant yet. The rudest moment was when one of the cousin-in-laws came up to me and tell me (honestly) that everyone in the family are wondering why we are still childless, is it because we don't like children? She literally sucked in her breath as I ALMOST start to talk about my sad IVF journey...but I stopped aruptly because I know she will race back to the rest of family and tell them about my `bizarre freak-show' story. For fuck's sake.

I always tell them, oh yes, we love children, but we are not ready yet.

Oh but why? Having children is luuuuuurvely, oh they are just so cute and completes you.

Oh I know, but I also have to work and...

Oh you must try for a baby as soon as you go's wonderful. The experience gives you so much joy.

Oh just fuck off. (I said that in my head of course).

So that's what I have to look forward to this Sunday - the smug-married-and-with-kids who thinks not breeding is abnormal. Don't get me wrong - I don't get upset walking into baby shops, maybe I will get a little bothered by pregnant moms - but I am honestly okay coping with day to day life. But its times like these and ignorant people that can royally fucks up my lunch (and dinner).

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