Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Fully Sic, Wicked Sticks

The title has nothing whatever to do with today's blog. My mind is quite blank at the moment after coming out of an all day meeting. I was in a room with 8 men and we talked about compressors all day. I must have been stressed because during the meeting I discovered a massive lump on the side of my neck. I don't know what it is - I was told (by one of the 8 men) that it is a neck muscle. I am going to get a second (medical) opinion tomorrow afternoon by a certified practioner.

Next time, if I try to graph anything or make any predictions about my bodily functions - I will have to physically restrain myself, because it is likely to be fucking wrong. There is nothing normal about my body - it's a cosmic mystery.

Because I was running late yesterday, I figured it was okay to miss yesterday's blood test thinking it will be another few days before ovulation occurs. Well, so far the estrogen has been climbing linearly - a dead straight line. So it is quite possible that this was the case.

So this morning I actually made an effort to get up early, and head down to the clinic to have my blood taken. The clinic was FULL OF WOMEN trying to conceive, they were patiently waiting for their turn for blood tests, injections and/or vaginal probing. It must be the season to (want) to fall pregnant.

So anyway - here's my story:

Day 9 - E2 = 370
Day 11 - E2 = 500
Day 12 - E2 = 630
Day 13 - E2 = Shitty late - no results
Day 14 - E2 = 1400 (LH = 24) (there goes my graph)

I was quite surprised to hear 1400 - I thought I heard wrong over the phone - I can't believe I am making my own estrogen. It's a miracle. Thank you God for small favours.

So yeah, I am supposed to have a bonk tonight / tomorrow night. We will try that. Not that it had worked for us in the past but I need to keep the faith and seize this magical opportunity.

I told my girlfriend V that I am abandoning the IVF ride for a little while and try naturally. She said what's naturally Drew??

You know what, I don't even know anymore. As long as there are only me and Babe in the room that's what I refer to as natural. But in a way it isn't because my doctor, my coordinator and my blood nurse knows we are playing hide the salami tonight - so that's not really natural is it??


Kath said...

I admit that I am lost in this cycle now. Is this ovulation induction for BMS or are you going for a natural IVF where they just collect your 1 egg.

And yes, it would seem we share the same town. I am fairly sure we were at different clinics.


Panda said...

Hi Drew, i've been reading your blog for a while and I've just added you to my blog list over at Pandamonium.

After 17 months of trying and trying, I have forgotten what is "natural" too.

I seem to remember that it involved spontaneous sex. You know, where you DONT have it scheduled in your diary a week beforehand.

Anyways, natural smatchural. Just get me a baby anyhow and I'll be happy.

good luck this cycle.

Drew said...

Thanks Kath and Panda

So lovely to have some feedback!

Kath - I am just having plain old sex and wait for my calling instead of doing it `invasively'. But to me E2 = 1400 seemed a little high for one egg? By the way my clinic sucks.

Panda - hell funny about the natural sex thing - we are like robots these days. No sex before ovulation (to save sperm) and no sex after ovulation (for my `rest'). And everytime after sex it was legs up - pillow under, and hold for half hour. So bloody romantic. :( Good luck with you too!