Saturday, June 11, 2005

Freakshow Artist of My Clinic

So off I went to my second blood test for this `natural' cycle. Whatever `natural' means these days.....

As if on cue, the moment I walked into the fertility clinic I got the `high'five' style hello greeting from the receptionist, then the coordinator walked out and call out my name and said hello how ya doing matey. I then proceeded to the counter to discuss with the receptionist (who's lurvely by the way) `a previous bill' for a `previous cycle' in which they over-charged me by a few hundred buckeroos. As the quiet sitting room audience listened in, the receptionist chatted to me like we were old friends. Then we talked about how I was never over-charged like this before, and maybe I will just call the accountant (who is also my friend) next week to discuss it and then settle the bill once and for all. And oh by the way how's *disguised* because I heard she's taken her daughters for overseas for the first time to visit her sick father? Oh bless, that's lovely.

Golden rule of thumb - don't get too familiarise with people in a fertility clinic, it is not good for the image of the clinic and not good for your own state of mind. But of course I don't mind, these days I try not to take anything too seriously. I need to have the occasional laugh.

The clinic just sent me a consent form for a fresh frozen embryo transfer cycle. I don't think so. I need a break this month. I think my doctor is also tired of seeing me in the meat room and wishing me `good luck' everytime he un-strap me from the stirrups after the transfer. It's becoming a routine.

During my talk with the IVF consultant some topics were brought up. Well, the statistics is this: It takes a bit of time but I always ended up making good eggs, Babe make good sperm, we make good embryos, embryos progress to Day 3 in good form, usually at least 7 to 8 cells, we've tried the Day 5 blastocyst transfer and my statistics is more than 80% (80% of fertilised eggs turned into blastocysts), progesterone levels are ALWAYS sky high even after the final blood test so sustaining a miracle conception is not an issue. So what is the problem?

Consultant suggest I should try pre-implantation embryo screening. I said what for? She said we can screen all the embryos to make sure we get the most genetically-correct embryo for transfer. This little test is going to set us back $2000 on top of all other costs. It's a big financial risk, also we may not have ANY embies left for transfer because the embryos may not survive the test.

But it doesn't really solve my problem does it? I may still be the problem. So what next?

Well, you can keep trying and trying until you succeed, or you can consider donor eggs.

*cue in tears*

But....but...I make good eggs! *cue in trembling lips*, I made good eggs in the past!!

Let's just continue to stay positive. I need some quiet time to have a think. In the mean time let's just try naturally.

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